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As a technical leader, you have to be a great developer. But also you need to be a good team leader, be commercially astute, and stay on top of all the tech developments and trends coming over the horizon. This is the conference for you.

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We welcomed 1300+ technical leaders to London in 2019! Check out the talk videos for insights on hiring diverse teams, fixing out-of-hours on-call, building security culture, guiding self-organising teams and so much more!

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Scholarship scheme

We run a scholarship scheme to help make the conference more inclusive and to support those who can't cover the cost of a ticket. In some cases, we can also cover and accommodation costs as well.

The deadline has passed for this year's conference but we run the program for our other events in different cities throughout the year. Find out more and check for open scholarship schemes here.

Check out 100+ videos from all our conference in the main Lead Developer playlist, including talks from the last London conference. For photos, check out the London 2018 album.


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